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The CANCOM AHP Private Cloud is a cloud infrastructure dedicated to the delivery of virtualized desktops and applications, enabling centralized management and access control while providing users the ability to work from any location, any device at any time. The user login process and user experience is optimized for a consistent experience.

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Cloud computing, mobility and the consumeriziation of IT are key topics in today's mobile enterprise. Supporting this business model are the IT resources and infrastructure that make your business remain globally competitive and agile.


Applications are hosted on high powered servers inside the customers’ data center, and enable the enterprise to take advantage of inexpensive edge devices like thin clients and Chromebooks. Even older PCs can be re-purposed and provide the user with Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 without the need for costly processor or memory upgrades.

To assist with administration of the CANCOM AHP private cloud, sophisticated operational processes and ITIL® Service Management administrative and management tools are employed.

  • Secure by design
  • Proven - AHP supports thousands of users every day
  • Delegated administration
  • Automated user provisioning
  • App store front-end for user self-service
  • Manages virtual and physical desktops
  • Delivers Windows apps, web apps, IOS & Android apps
  • Fast scale during growth or acquisitions
  • Multi-tenancy options
  • Trouble-free operation through integrated quality assurance process
  • Repeatable and reproducible versions using ITIL® Change and Release Management standards
  • AHP seamlessly integrates with corporate back-end infrastructure, and delivers a user experience often better than a local PC.
  • Fifteen years in development, the CANCOM Private Cloud is now available in the U.S.
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What is AHP?
AHP is a fully managed end-to-end private cloud application and desktop delivery solution. Applications are securely and efficiently delivered to any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone from a platform hosted inside your trusted network.
What is a “fully managed end-to-end Private Cloud”?
a. A private cloud meets the following requirements:

  • It is a computing platform hosting workloads inside an organization’s trusted network.
  • Provides IT as a service with options supporting bill back/show back.
  • Scales easily to thousands of users.
  • Addresses numerous business initiatives, for instance M&A integration, multi-tenancy to manage multiple business units, etc.

b. “End-to-end” describes the readiness and completeness of the solution. It is ready to deploy without the need for other building blocks or helper applications. All functionality affecting application deployment, revision management, platform and user management is integrated into the platform and follows highly automated workflows. Automation removes the element of human error from administrative functions yielding a secure, robust, high performance platform.

Is this a proprietary hosting platform?
The platform consists of proven off-the-shelf technologies from Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. Extensive automation of platform and user management functions is provided by CANCOM’s orchestration solution.
Who makes AHP?
AHP was developed by CANCOM over a period of 15 years. Thousands of daily users in 100+ enterprises depend on this solution to deliver applications and desktops every day.
Who is CANCOM?
CANCOM is a billion dollar technology provider with 32 locations throughout Central Europe and North America.
Where are the applications hosted?
AHP supports Windows environments and most applications, standard and custom that run on Windows XP, 7 and 8. CANCOM has developed a list of pre-packaged/scripted Windows applications and clients over the past 15 years. These pre-packaged applications speed deployment of the solution.
My company has a Bring Your Own Device or Choose your Own Device initiative. How can AHP support that initiative?
AHP enables the use of most end user devices, including all Windows platforms, Mac OSX, Apple IOS, Android and Blackberry. You can launch an application from one device, and seamlessly transfer that live session to another device.
Is corporate data stored on the edge device?
Corporate data is never sent to the edge device, only “pixel” information about changes to the screen image. What this means is that corporate data is never sent as readable information, and therefore never appears in the edge device as readable information (except on the screen). For this reason, there is never a need to back-up or encrypt any data on the edge device. Also, if a user device is lost or stolen, no data is at risk, it all resides on the computing platform in the data center.
What type of applications can be hosted?
Any Windows, SaaS, IOS or Android applications.
Is this VDI?
AHP delivers desktops and applications using one of several methods, determined by the “use case”. The main desktop delivery method is Citrix XenApp, which we refer to as “Shared Desktop”. For Power Users we also have options, from dedicated desktop VM’s to dedicated server hardware with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). CANCOM works with the client to determine the delivery method to end users to ensure an optimal user experience.
How is AHP any better than a Citrix or View reference architecture?
AHP is much more than a reference architecture. It is a self-contained tightly integrated solution designed from the ground up to be secure, reliable, flexible and automated. Automation provides consistency of operation, and eliminates unscheduled downtime or security risks caused by administration missteps. This enables the enterprise to show corporate governance and compliance. CANCOM has developed a custom front end for user self service and a separate area for Administrators. From one console you are able to add a user, assign applications and desktops and it will automatically updated Active Directory, add them to Exchange (even if hosted on Office 365).
Why is AHP more secure than a regular Citrix/Horizon solution?
AHP is designed to be secure and employs OS hardening using delegation based NTFS permissions, Applocker, DEP, detailed AD delegation of roles and permissions. The extreme level of automation makes many manual processes unnecessary further mitigating risks. Unneeded consoles and tools are also removed to reduce the attack surface.
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